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Sound Substance is located in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson, 75080. Its founder is a technical professional with over twenty five years of hands on industrial experience. Many of those years were spent in analog product design and manufacturing. In addition to this, 6 years of private instruction in music including 2 years on the guitar. Sound Substance's mission is to produce leading edge analog guitar accessories for  musicians enabling them to craft their signature sound. These are original designs that implement industry proven low noise design techniques. Our products will not be copies or clones of others. These products are designed using inputs from musicians. They write the product specs. Sound Substance products are calculator designed on paper and then computer simulated in order to assure that the right components are chosen to achieve the sound that the musician truly desires. And, all of our products are hand assembled right here in the USA. The results speak for themselves.

Why Sound Substance? There's a real need in the market place for something new; a fresh approach. Far too many products are merely copies of others. Sadly, most of the boutique products fall into the copy category. Why? Little or no engineering effort has been put into analog products since the 1970's. The 1980's brought on a major industrial push towards digital technologies. Analog techniques started to slowly become a thing of the past. In recent years, the large companies have opted to go the digital route. This approach is very practical from their vantage point in that it resolves the issue of the disappearance of analog technical expertise and promotes automated assembly. But, digital product performance can suffer from the "sterile" sound (as musicians put it) and often times higher noise levels from inherently noisy digital circuits. These devices are then machine built offshore, outside the USA, in automated factories. The only American involvement is sales and marketing. Our approach is then obvious: focus on vintage analog design techniques to provide new products for the musician. The goal is to hear the guitar with the effect added to it and not what the effect does to the guitar or how it's colored by the effect. We'll also improve on popular products by implementing new original designs to the same or updated specs while giving the effect the bold and fat transparency the musician really desires.  

Your inputs regarding our products and new ones you'd like to see are very important to us and are taken seriously. Please take the time to e-mail us and share your thoughts.  Just click on the contact link for the information.