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*The WaitStates pedal layers beautiful low noise analog quality sound to transparently produce a wide variety of delayed tones for your audience.

*The WaitStates clock controls Speed and Repeats enabling you to determine and change tones with the flick of a switch from chorus/phase, to fuzzy phase, to tremolo, to arpeggio and country slapback.

* Multiple mode delay. Ultra transparent analog tonal quality.  Sounds like you're playing through an Echoplex tube unit.

* Add an additional block of delay time to your tone with the flick of a switch.

* Four control knobs and two switches give it lots of versatility. Many delay modes are possible with this pedal.

* Uses a standard external 9VDC power supply.  No special power supply to purchase.

* True bypass switching.

* Switched Dry Output (see instruction sheet)

* Two color LED that reminds you the pedal is powered up. 

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Download the product instruction sheet.

Here's the pedal in operation..


Download the unprocessed audio file here