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* BlueZdrivE implements Overdrive transparently to your guitar's tone without sacrificing clarity.

* BlueZdrive's Transparent Tone Control System was designed to deliver your guitar's full range of tone from Lows to Highs, a difference you can clearly hear.

* With BlueZdrive's Voicing Switches, you can augment your tonal palette with your playing style to create your unique signature on a musical canvass.

* An internal 9V battery powers the pedal. Optionally, use external power 9V supply. 

* True bypass switching

* Plus, a two color LED that reminds you the pedal is powered up. Battery saver.

* This product works well for blues and rock players.  It's an extremely versatile overdrive pedal.

Download the product instruction sheet.

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Here's the pedal in operation.


Download the unprocessed audio file here


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