Professional Electronics Service For The Musician

We're located in the north Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson 75080



* Amps: Analog Transistor

* Solid State Amps

* Tube Amplifiers

* Re-tube, set bias, re-cap.

* (Sorry, don't do digital, modelling stuff as in Line 6)

* Guitars: Acoustic and Electric. Minor repairs. Pickup installation. Set up, intonate, re-string. Electronics.
(Drop in pickup replacement only. No guitar body routing or modifications.)
* Analog and vintage pedal repair. Your modification kits installed. Convert selected pedals to true bypass.
* Vintage vacuum tube radio, stereo, and certain solid state units

* 35 years + of real world professional experience.

* Shop labor rate is $50.00/hour + parts

* Pedal repairs start at $35.00 + parts 

* Minimum service charge is $50.00, Pedals $25.00

* Need it yesterday? No problem. Fast turn times.

* Questions? Please e-mail any and all.

* Please include a detailed statement describing the equipment and the issue


Hours are by appointment only Sunday thru Friday